Unemployment Rates

Humphreys County has a unique workforce, ideally suited to the county's target industries. Like the rest of the state and nation, unemployment rates have been trending downward in Humphreys County over recent years. However, unemployment is slightly higher than the state average. This pool of workers could be an excellent labor pool for a relocating industry. 

Because of the concentration of chemical manufacturing in the county, the workforce has a high location quotient in the following occupations, indicating that there is an above-average concentration of employment in the region: Chemical Plant and System Operators; Chemical Equipment Operators and Tenders; Electro-Mechanical Technicians.

Labor Force Estimates (Feb 2017) Tennessee Humphreys
Labor Force 3,196,200 8,720
Employment 3,026,500 8,190
Unemployment 169,700 530
Unemployment Rate 5.30% 6.10%

Employment Distribution


Industry Category Humphreys County
Avg Annual Wage
Natural Resources & Mining $48,207
Construction $44,752
Manufacturing $86,527
Wholesale Trade $55,480 
Retail Trade $21,455
Transportation, Warehousing & Utilities $43,588
Information $21,869
Financial Activities $47,086
Professional & Business Services $49,693
Education & Health Services $29,766
Leisure & Hospitality $12,839
Other Services $21,108
All Industry $46,865

Staffing Resources

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